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  • 0% Transaction Fee
  • 0% Junk Fee
  • 0% Upfront Cost
  • 0% Processing Fee
  • 0% Obligation
  • 100% Legal across 50 States

We change the way you get paid

With the economic and judicial changes happening, entrepreneurs need to be creative in finding ways to achieve business success. With the Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC. Cash Discount program, you, the merchant, will be able to enjoy ALL of your earnings. How? By passing the cost of processing fees on to the customers. This way, you will be able to use that money on other aspects of growing your business instead!

Here’s how it works:
Traditional/Standard Merchant Account
Accept Credit & Debit Card
Payment Terminal

Charges YOU 2.7% to 3.5% processing fee per transaction


Customer pays no fee


Merchant only gets to enjoy approx. 96% of earnings

Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC. Cash Discount Program
Accept Credit & Debit Card
Payment Terminal

Auto-calculates 3.99% fee and charges the customer


Customer pays a small fee


Merchant enjoys 100% of profit

With a Traditional Merchant Account

  • $21,204 Total Annual Processing Fee
  • $1,767 Monthly Processing Fee


- $21, 205

With The Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC. Cash Discount Program

  • $239.88 Annual Processing Fee
  • $19.99 Monthly Processing Fee



How Much Can I Save?

The Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC. Cash Discount program encourages customers to pay with cash instead so they won’t have to pay the 4% processing fee. For them, it’s like getting a discount! No worries, though, because we will help you make this clear to customers with the help of POS signages!


With a traditional payment processing system, you could be paying up to $2,000 every month or more. That’s $24,000 for the whole year! But with a cash discount program, you will only be charged a minimal fee of $20 or less per month. It could even be free! We’re talking of up to $24,000 of savings for one year. Imagine the possibilities of growing your business instead with that extra cash! That, or maybe just enjoy the money!

* These numbers are based on businesses earning an average of approximately $90k/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’re ready to help you find the answer.

What is the Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC. 0% Processing Program?

Cash Discount is a program that allows you to enjoy up to 100% of your business profit by passing on the credit card processing fee to customers.

What kind of businesses can use Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC.?

Simple answer. Any. With hyperinflation on the horizon and rising cost, any business that accepts credit cards is eligible for this program. We work with all kinds of establishments from Restaurants, Pizza Places,  BarberShops, TattooShops, Auto-body repair, Doctors, Bowling Alleys, or any retail stores.

What do I need to get started with Bay Area Digital Payments Agency LLC.?

Fill out the application and our team will be in touch with you, guide you through the process. After approval we will ship you your free device and assist you with the setup. Thats it your ready to go and start saving big.

What if I don’t like the Cash Discount Program?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want to stop using Cash Discount Program, we will immediately change you back to traditional interchange pricing.

What are my customers going to say?

All of our merchants love this program. We have not experienced any negative impact. Because of this program they are able to keep their prices the same and keep more of their profits to offset raising costs of goods and services.

Who else is using the Cash Discount Program?

From Gas Stations to Convenience stores, to Construction companies, 1000s of businesses have adopted to this payment model.

Is it legal to offer a Cash Discount?

Cash Discount program is legal across all 50 states in the US, thanks to the Dodd-Frank Law that aims to give businesses financial stability.

What will my receipt look like?

Is this the same as a surcharge?

No. Surcharging is Illegal in 22 States. We provide you with equipment and a merchant account to allow you to offer your customers a discount for Customers who choose to pay in cash. If they choose to pay with a debit or credit card, a small fee will be added to the end of their bill.